Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The State Will Decide How Much You Are Worth

Trying to make a budget? Have no idea how much money you need to cover your expenses? No problem. The state will decide how much you can earn.

According to the states will be given broader powers in Obamacare (Patient Protection and Unaffordable Health Care Act).
Decisions at the state level will determine how much some doctors and hospitals are paid and how much “free” care should be provided to people who choose to go without insurance.

Well that is a relief. Doctors and hospitals will not only be told how much they can earn but will also be assigned a quota for rendering free health care.

I am sure they are happy about that.
About 87,000 people who are uninsured will qualify for Medicaid under new income guidelines. Kansas’ share of those costs are expected to be offset by higher federal matching Medicaid rates and a shift of high-risk, high-cost patients from state programs to private insurance.

Paid for by federal dollars.

That means folks outside of KS get to help them pay their bills.

But here is a new wrinkle in this health insurance scheme. "High cost patients will be shifted to private insurance".

Once again, that means you and I get to pay for those that are the sickest.

Isn't that special?
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