Thursday, January 31, 2008

Party of 3, Please...

Happy Blogiversary!
When I was younger, my mother warned me that time would go much faster as the years went by. And, as usual, mother was right. While it's hard to believe, today marks our Third Anniversary.
According to Blogger, we have almost 1,700 posts under our collective belt.
SiteMeter tells us that we've had over 180,000 page views.
This past year, we:
■ Became a Charter Member of the Health Care Blogger Code of Ethics alliance.
■ Were once again a Top 10 Finalist in the Weblog Awards
■ Finished in the Top 50 of the eDrugSearch Top 100 (all the more remarkable, since we're also the only insurance-related blog in that campaign)
■ Are one of the Top 4 blogs on Wikio's Top 100 Health Blogs
■ Made our TV debut
During the S-CHIP kerfluffle, we got our first "Big Media" links. On the one hand, our traffic was through the roof, and we had more comments than I'd ever seen before. On the other hand, our traffic was through the roof, and I deleted more comments in one day than we usually get in a week.
I'll be fine if we're limited to one of those a year.
I cannot say enough good things about my co-bloggers. Truly, I read some of their posts and my jaw drops, I am so utterly amazed and impressed. Bob, Mike and Bill represent many years of experience, and it certainly makes my "job" easier knowing that even on those days where I draw a blank, at least one of them will have something interesting, provocative or humorous to say.
Sometimes all three.
In the same post.
Our commenters are also most appreciated. We have our disagreements (of course!), but we also have a lot of enlightened and enlightening discussions.
Most of all, though, I'd like to thank all of our readers for stopping by, and hopefully learning something new, or at least interesting.
And now, on to Year 4!
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