Monday, April 09, 2007

Hi Speed Hijinx (from the P&C files)

A while back, we learned about chutzpah and insurance. In the latest gambit towards inveigling an insurance company to pay up, we learn that, while crime may not pay, it seems that some folks who commit crimes want their insurer to pay:

"That seems to be the case of a Marietta, Ga., father who not only was willing to forgive his then 19-year-old daughter for leading police on a high-speed chase while she was high on drugs, but also figured she wasn't responsible when cops were forced to smash in the car's windows to make an arrest."

Yup, little Jennifer took Daddy's beautiful new Lexus SUV, got herself stoned, and then took off on a high speed chase, which ended in some policemen having to break the vehicle's windows in order to arrest the miscreant. Not to mention the other damage done when the forces of law and order had to literally ram Daddy's car to keep little Jennifer from perhaps killing anyone that got in her way.

And Daddy expects his insurance company to pay for the damage.

Because I'm not a P&C expert (nor do I play one on the telly), I asked my colleague for his expert opinion. When he'd finished laughing, he shrugged and said "with the courts, who knows?" Still, he explained that, although Daddy apparently gave little Jennifer permission to use his car, this wouldn't have extended to felony counts. In other words, assuming Progressive (the carrier) chooses to fight this, it seems that Daddy will have to eat the damages.

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