Thursday, April 13, 2006

TV Causes . . .

Watching TV could be hazardous to your health, and wallet.

Until a few years ago I never knew women had vaginal itch and men had erectile dysfunction. I always assumed my toenails were just supposed to have a yellow tint and certainly did not know there could be yellow demons living under the nail that caused the discoloration.

Only recently did I learn that high cholesterol is not caused by eating double cheeseburgers for lunch but that I could blame my Aunt Jenny or Uncle Ed for this “illness”. Neither did I know that chest congestion was caused by a critter living in my lungs, complete with a couch & all the comforts of home.

In this fast paced society it seems no one has time to actually correct an illness or affliction. Instead, just pop a pill.

At one time shows like Mary Hartman & Soap were considered risqué.

Now it’s the advertisements that are discussing things that were once only talked about at a ladies bridge party.

Commercials can inform and can even entertain. Who would have known headaches were caused by a hammer against an anvil inside your head if it weren’t for the Anacin commercials years ago?

But commercials can also lead one to believe a common occurrence is something that requires a $200 drug in order to provide relief.

Sure I get edgy sometimes, but it really isn’t my fault. I know what causes the problem.

I learned that years ago.

From TV.

Everything can be blamed on mom.

“Mother please! I’d rather do it myself”!
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