Thursday, March 14, 2019


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So, FoIB Holly R sent us this:

"Just had a doctor's office tell me the doctor couldn't discuss test results over the phone because of HIPAA. This is false, and another reminder that medical facilities constantly use HIPAA as a bogus excuse for being opaque and difficult."

Interesting take, and one I've heard before. But is it true?

I reached out to co-blogger Kelley B, herself a medical office manager, for her reaction. She replied:

"The reality is that the doctor will be paid nothing to tell the patient his test results over the phone. Since this requires medical decision making on the doctor's part, he/she is entitled to be paid and that means that the patient has to come in for an appointment. The patients hate this because it costs them money.

Is it a HIPAA violation. It could be as you cannot confirm that the person on the other end of the phone is the patient. It is in the doctor's best interests not to give out results over the phone and have the patient come in."
That makes sense, although I would point out (before others do) that under the nascent DPC (Direct Care) model, that first point would be moot, since the doc's already been paid.

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