Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Afternoon LinkFest

First up, via FoIB Holly R, is news that the Much Vaunted National Health System© continues to circle the drain:

"[E]xpenses have forced 40% of walk-in health centers to close, all elective surgery in January [had] to be cancelled, and primary care has been decimated"

But hey: Free.

This is, of course, rationing by government fiat, and it's how nationalized health "care" works. Which is why it's not likely to take hold here (and the apparent rollback of the ACA Death Panel helps nail this particular coffin shut).

Down the road, FoIB Jeff M tips us to this Tale of Two Exchanges:

"Most states that operate their own ObamaCare exchanges saw more people sign up in 2018 than last year, while 29 of the 34 states that rely on the federal government to promote enrollment saw their sign-ups fall."

Overall enrollments continue to free fall; last year saw a year-over-year falloff of almost 4%.

Of course, the article attempts to lay the blame on the Trump administration, despite the fact that we've seen enrollments decline pretty much the whole run of the debacle.

Readers may recall our post a few weeks about mudslide coverage for our Golden State friends:

"We wondered if (and/or how) one would be covered if one's house (literally) went downhill."

Co-blogger Bob alerts us that the state's Insurance Commissioner has chimed in:

"The notice acknowledges that homeowners’ and certain commercial property insurance policies frequently have exclusions for losses from mudflow, debris flow, mudslide, landslide or other similar events."

Okay, so far so good.

"Under California insurance law, the exclusions are not enforceable if the facts establish that the wildfire, which is a covered peril, was the “efficient proximate cause.”

Oh, frabjous day. Let's just wave the ol' magic wand and conjure up coverage.

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