Monday, February 12, 2018

Another Timely Reminder

That health insurance ≠ health care. As FoIB David Fluker points out:

To which I replied:

"We have same issues here in OH with CareSource, Molina, etc"

In my market, and in fact in most counties in the United States, there are only a few "choices" when it comes to ACA-compliant health insurance plans. Here in Montgomery county, the only such carriers are all primarily known for their Medicaid business (for lack of a better term, since Medicaid isn't insurance) that have jumped in to the ACA marketplace. And with very narrow networks (since most doc's don't want any part of Medicaid-level reimbursements), insureds are finding that their purchase may have saved them from the penalty tax fine, but is of little other value (well, except for that free birth control, er, convenience items).

So if one can't actuality use the plan, what's the point in paying for it?

Co-blogger Patrick also jumped in to the fray, pointing out that "Centene is already at the center of a lawsuit for insufficient network adequacy."

Thing is, suing for a desired result doesn't guarantee that result; the question becomes "how does one force a carrier to add non-willing providers?"

I wouldn't be counting any chickens just yet.
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