Friday, November 10, 2017

It's a Holly Jolly Friday LinkFest

(All links courtesy FoIB Holly R)

Britain's Much Vaunted National Health System© continues to prove that gummint-run health "care" #Fails at reining in costs:

"[T]hree highly influential health think-tanks - the King's Fund, the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation - published a joint report calling for an extra £4bn to be given to health next year."


"Every Hour, Prostate Cancer Kills 45 Men. This Foundation Has Raised $769 Million to Fight it"

And yet, unlike mammograms, prostate exams aren't considered Essential Health Benefits (so they aren't first dollar).

Men's Health Matters (but not to ACA proponents).

And now for some good news:

"In world first, Israeli hospital employs MRI designed for infants"

MRI's have become almost as ubiquitous as X-Ray machines and EKG's, but one of the challenges is that patients need to stay very still while being scanned, which is a problem when dealing with infants. The generally accepted solution seems to have been anesthesia, but that poses its own set of risks in ones so small and vulnerable. This device seems to have solved the problem.

Yasher koach (that's Hebrew for "Kudos")!
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