Monday, June 12, 2017


Need a lift to your medical appointment? Do you have your red, white and blue Medicare card?

No problem.

Don't call Uber. Call for an Ambulance. Let Medicare foot the bill.

According to FOX 5, non-emergency ambulance service is supposed to be restricted to people who cannot get to dialysis any other way without putting their health in danger. However three times a week, a Caring Hands ambulance pulled up to the homes of Georgians who say they didn’t need it. And those patients say Medicare is footing the bill.
This means, if the patient is on Medicare, it’s an average $500 taxpayer-funded payment to Caring Hands for every round trip. - Fox News via Firefighting News

Bear in mind that Medicare does indeed pay for medically necessary ambulance transport. The problem here is, many of these patients could have traveled by car or bus.

At $500 per trip times 3 that's $1500 per week, about $75,000 per year in "free" rides for the patient.

If Medicare denies your claim you may have to rob a bank to pay for your trip.

But not for the taxpayers who actually fund the trips.

#MedicareFraud #MedicareAmbulance

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