Friday, June 09, 2017

Much ado about not much (Twitter-style)

Several months ago, we posted about a misleadingly-named plan that purported to cover potentially business-hurting Tweets:

"[T]hese plans aren't really what one would call a traditional insurance product; rather than indemnifying via dollars, they "instead offer 24-7 public relations assistance should Trump’s ire befall them."

But with more and more folks (famous or not) baring their souls (among other things) on social media, there's a very real danger that one could end up on the wrong side of a defamation (libel) suit for dissing a company or another person. Our friend Allison Bell (ironically) tweeted a link to a recent story about an actual insurance plan now available to thee and me, not just professional journos:

"A longtime necessity for journalists, such policies are now being sold to the average American, bundled with more traditional policies covering homes and cars."

Which is nice, and true, but hardly "breaking news." I turned to our longtime guru of all things P&C, Bill M, who confirmed that homeowner's plans (and umbrellas) already include coverage for libel and slander, and specifically the "duty to defend;" that is, the insurer is on the hook for one's attorney fees (with some caveats). So, more a new way to look at already common (and important) coverage.
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