Wednesday, August 03, 2016

ObamaTax #Fail (Part 2,693)



"Illinois Insurers to Increase Premiums as High as 45%"

The Prairie State's Blue Cross affiliate (by far the most popular - for certain values of "popular") is asking for rate increases from the low 20's to the mid-40's (no word on the windchill factor).

And Coventry Health Care is seeking a 21% rate hike.

"Health plans sold on Michigan's insurance exchange could see an average 17.3% increase next year"

Wolverine State denizens must use the site to purchase on-exchange plans; folks who buy from carriers directly (and/or through agents) should also expect to dig deeper in '17.

"America’s Third-Largest Health Insurer Says It Is Losing $300 Million A Year On Obamacare"

Aetna, still in the thralls of the latest merger mania kerfluffle, is seriously considering curtailing its 2017 Exchange offerings. Instead of expanding them, the carrier's now looking at seriously reducing its participation nationwide.


[Hat Tip: Ace of Spades]
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