Friday, May 06, 2016

Buh-Bye, Bronze!

First they came for HSA plans. Now it appears that the Rocket Surgeons behind the ObamaTax are about to drive out the most affordable least expensive (outside of Cat plans, which are available only to relatively few) plan design left:

"Insurers -- who might not be allowed the huge rate increases they need to stay solvent --- are looking to save money by eliminating so-called Bronze-level plans."

Briefly, those 3000% rate reductions were always a lie; carriers keep having to come back for ever greater rate increases to offset significant losses. Folks who choose Bronze level plans are looking to minimize their premiums, banking on avoiding substantial losses that would diminish those savings with higher out-of-pocket costs.

But this presents a problem to the carriers:

"In order to achieve solvency, the ObamaCare exchanges require 40% of their customers to be young and healthy enough to pay large sums over time into the markets without taking out much in benefits."

The problem is that there's no evidence that this goal has been met, and ample evidence that it hasn't:

"As of December 2015, only 28% of enrollees were between the ages 18-34"

Missed it by that much!

Losing Bronze tier plans means even fewer choices, and thus more expense. It's almost as if the whole process was doomed from the start.


[Hat Tip: Rich Weinstein]
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