Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Yes, We Have Your Money

But we haven't posted it yet so you don't have coverage.

This is essentially what United Healthcare told Reynaldo Tamez.

Diagnosed with aplastic anemia, Tamez needs a hip transplant. UHC is not disputing the necessity of the transplant. But until they post his premium he doesn't have coverage.
The trouble began with a letter Tamez received on June 3, which stated he was not current with insurance payment.
The family called the insurance company, United Healthcare, and they told them that the payment was received, but it was not posted.
After weeks went by, Tamez called the company again. United Healthcare said he would receive his money back, but would not reinstate Tamez’s insurance. - KRGV

At least they weren't going to keep his money.

But then this happened.
CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted the company; they said the company had a technical issue. United Healthcare reinstated Reynaldo Tamez’s insurance and paid his outstanding medical bills.
Wasn't Obamacare supposed to cure these problems?
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