Monday, May 18, 2015

(Not So) Shocking O'Care news

Last week, we reported on the latest Volunteer State health insurance premium woes:

"BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has filed to increase its health insurance premiums for 2016 individual plans by 36 percent, on top of a 19 percent increase approved last year"

Never fear, though, 5 other states are next in line:

"[E]xchange insurers in six states where 2016 rate requests have already been filed are seeking to raise rates an average 18.6% next year."

That 36% hike in Tennessee was the high water mark this time 'round; Beaver State carriers are seeking a more modest 24% increase. Folks in Connecticut get a break, with average rates increasing just shy of 8%.

Now, there are some that would argue that this is to be expected, and can't be totally the fault of The ObamaTax.

These folks would be wrong, it is 100% attributable to the train-wreck:

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