Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Quarter Trillion here, A Quarter Trillion there...

And pretty soon, you're talking real dollars:

"Obamacare is set to add more than a quarter-of-a-trillion—that's trillion—dollars in extra insurance administrative costs to the U.S. health-care system"

Keep in mind, these costs will be borne by insureds; that is, carriers will simply increase premiums to cover them. Remember: companies don't pay taxes or premiums.

And at "a whopping 22.5 percent of the total estimated $2.76 trillion in all federal government spending for the Affordable Care Act," it's just one more example of the way that the ObamaTax continues to hurt the very folks it was ostensibly passed to help.

BONUS: The rocket surgeons that wrote the report itself continue to buy into the long-since-debunked idea that Medicare "has overhead of just 2 percent." They then use this faulty "data" to justify the move to single-payer.

Of course.

[Hat Tip: Co-Blogger Bob]
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