Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hello, This is Peggy

Do you ever wonder who is actually on the other end of the line when you call hc.gov? What kind of training
do they have? Am I getting the right answer? If not, can I call back and ask for Peggy?
"You can call HealthCare.gov three different times and get three different answers," - USA Today
Well that's refreshing. At least they are honest about it.
Being locked out of one's account can be extremely frustrating, especially for some of the low-wage workers who have very limited time to deal with their insurance, navigators said. But some of the problems — such as lapses in insurance coverage for sick relatives — can infuriate people.
Call-center workers have become much more proficient at unlocking consumers' accounts this year, which remains an issue because many people forget their passwords, user names or both, said Cardenas. Last year, the workers would tell people to just create new accounts, which tended to create more confusion and is a particularly bad idea this year for those re-enrolling, she said.
Considering you can't get a subsidy without going through goodluck.gov I would say getting locked out of your account is a major concern.

So, who you gonna call when you have a problem?
Ronnell Nolan, who heads Health Agents for America in Baton Rouge, said she and some of her members long suspected call-center workers weren't giving them their own names. Nolan recalls dealing with someone who went by what sounded like the same name as actress Halle Berry. Turns out, they don't use their own names — and it's with good reason, said CMS spokesman Aaron Albright,
Representatives use aliases and won't disclose their location .
So much for transparency in government.

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