Monday, July 07, 2014

High Risk Heisman

If you follow college football,you're most likely familiar with FSU quarterback Jameis Winston. As a quarterback, he's in a risky position, so it makes sense that he's amenable to risk management tools. Insurance, of course, is an invaluable such tool, and pretty much custom made for someone in his position.

So what kind of insurance purchase did Jameis make that would make the news? How about a $10 million combination Disability/Loss-of-Value plan?

Regular readers are familiar with disability insurance: if Jameis gets hurt or sick bad enough to never play again, the disability plan will pay out.

The Loss-of-Value policy is interesting in that, instead of replacing his current salary, it "would pay should Winston fall in the draft because of injury or illness." In other words, it would pay out based on what he would have made had his career not been cut short due to injury or illness.

Sounds like a winner.
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