Saturday, February 15, 2014

So now it's Copper. Can Tinfoil be far behind?

From WSJ February 13th (password protected, sorry):
"Some backers of the 2010 health-care law are pushing to create a new kind of insurance coverage that the measure essentially had ruled out: policies offering lower premiums but significantly higher out-of-pocket costs than those now available . . . dubbed "copper" because they would offer a lower level of coverage than the "gold," "silver" and "bronze" options on the government-run health-care exchanges . . . would be a departure from the minimum level of coverage that is one of the Affordable Care Act's core principles."
Seems clear to me the awful truth is dawning on more and more people that Obamacare is not worth its cost.  Just as clearly, it looks like there is mounting disarray within the administration over what to do about it.

My take:  sooner or later Dems must come to realize that their pedals aren’t really to the metal.  The Obamacare insurance tactics are not capable of solving the underlying problem – which is high medical delivery costs. High insurance costs are symptoms of the problem – not the problem. That helps explain why tinkering with insurance has failed to solve the problem for more than 50 years.

What’s perhaps worse is that our politicians and so-called thought leaders have done such a miserable job of educating the public on the nature of the underlying problem. So public attention is focused on symptoms not the disease; the public is told a cure is at hand when it is not; and meanwhile the problem just continues to worsen.

Even Tinfoil won't stop that.
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