Monday, January 06, 2014

The ObamaTax/Medicaid Shanda

I've been reading recently that a lot of folks trying to sign up for a plan at are being unceremoniously (and involuntarily) dumped onto Medicaid, and that it's well-nigh impossible to dis-enroll once that's happened. Turns out, that bug has now bitten the family of Sen Rand Paul (R-KY):

"At least one member of the Paul family is, though, albeit erroneously. The Kentucky senator held up the Medicaid card his son received through the Kentucky exchange. We didn’t try to get him Medicaid, I’m trying to pay for his insurance,” Paul said"

But at least that's just an isolated incident, right?

Um, no.

As our friend David Adams reports from The Bluegrass State:

"Since Kentucky started taking applications for ObamaCare and forcing most applicants into Medicaid, the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange has been excluding disability payments from income used to determine Medicaid eligibility ... That means potentially thousands of applicants to Kentucky ObamaCare who were placed into Medicaid were put there erroneously."

Not to worry, though: the folks who run the Medicaid program have things well under control.



"The [North Carolina] state Department of Health and Human Services issued a written release saying that new Medicaid cards for nearly 49,000 children were mailed on Dec. 30 to the wrong people."

Top. Men.
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