Tuesday, December 03, 2013

ObamaTax (In)Security

We've long noted the rather lackadaisical attitude Ms Shecantbeserious has taken regarding the security of your private medical, financial and tax info. Turns out, it's not just unlicensed, unvetted "Navigators" and a buggy website:

"...a Sept. 27 government memorandum surfaced in which two HHS officials said the security of the site had not been properly tested before it opened, creating "a high risk."

Okay, so they still had a couple days to fix that, right?


"...vulnerabilities remain on "everything from hacking someone's computer so when you visit the website it actually tries to hack your computer back, all the way to being able to extract email addresses, users names—first name, last name—[and] locations."

It's almost like they're inviting identity theft (and yes, I checked: according to OpenSecrets, LifeLock's Todd Davis didn't donate a penny to the President's campaigns).

The truly scary part is that it's likely to take up to a year to fix these holes  - if they can be fixed; a "white hat hacker" recently testified to Congress that it's virtually impossible to retrofit the kind of necessary security measures into the existing system:

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