Monday, June 24, 2013

Why a Sales Pitch?

Why? More than 3 years after the legislation that no one read was signed into law, why is the government still trying to sell the public on the greatness of Obamacare?  

Why? Almost a year after the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare was a tax and the mandate was legal, why does DC still have to use non-sequestered taxpayer dollars to promote a plan that only a third of the nation supports?

Why? If Obamacare is supposed to create a windfall in new revenue and profits to health insurance carriers, create more demand for prescription drugs and medical supplies, and minimize cash flow concerns of medical providers (especially hospitals), then why must we still be SOLD on how wonderful life will be?
The nonprofit group with ties to the president's team is poised to become the president's unofficial Obamacare marketing team, announcing this week that it will put its message in every corner of American life.
Its new campaign is called "Get Covered America," and the aim is to provide an easily understood set of reasons and directions to Americans who either don't have health insurance or have inadequate coverage to sign up.
"Get Covered America will engage you at your churches, schools and community events," said Enroll America President Anne Filipic in a YouTube video pitch announcing the plan.
One wonders if the folks behind "Get Covered America" is a non-profit organization and if the IRS delayed their application for 501(c)(3) status.
If Obamacare and the exchange is so wonderful, why are so many health insurance carriers opting out? Is this really the way to stimulate competition and lower prices?
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