Monday, June 03, 2013

Under 30 Crowd May Pass on Obamacare

Seems the Facebook crowd may decide to spend their time (and resources) on something other than health insurance come January, 2014.  

According to a recent panel discussion of the under 30 crowd, many are willing to take their chances and throw their money at gizmo's rather than health insurance.
All eight panelists are employed, though some just part time, and about half have some level of health coverage. Although they understand the risks of not having insurance, they are confused by the myriad choices and frustrated by the jargon used by carriers. They struggle to see value in paying monthly premiums for something they probably won’t use.
Beth, a school teacher who goes without coverage during the summer months, noted that the cost of paying cash for an urgent care visit was equivalent to the copay required for a doctor visit. Tom, a construction worker clad in a t-shirt and baseball cap, is uninsured, but worries about being injured and not being able to afford the medical expenses. He said he had been injured in a car accident and faced a $400 bill for prescription drugs. “I didn’t have $400,” he said.
If you didn't have $400, did you just go without the medication?
Were you really that short of cash or just thought there were better ways to spend your money? Do you have your car insured or is that a waste of money too?
Beth must only plan on getting sick or injured when school is in session.
The panelists agreed that they would be willing to pay between $60 and $100 a month for health coverage. And while they said they would like to buy coverage from an insurer they knew, they place a great deal of value in how plans are rated (by companies such as eHealth, Inc.) and in reviews from current enrollees...particularly their peers.
Good luck finding a $60 plan.
And are your peers, the ones who can't name the Vice President and think Benghazi is a reggae singer, going to bail you out when the plan you bought doesn't cover what you think it does?

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