Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Obamacare Reality Show

Just when you thought it was safe, it seems the folks who gave us Obamacare have moved beyond jokes on late night TV and is now moving towards reality entertainment.

The Obamacare question regarding subsidy eligibility seems innocuous enough.
The ACA requires Medicaid, CHIP and tax-subsidized exchange coverage to use Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) to determine eligibility for most individuals.

Until you scroll down a bit and view the comments.

MAGI Training Materials for States - Check this Out!Louisiana - ever a font of creativity - has created this really ingenious and funny email training materials called MAGI Monday directed to eligibility workers. Using a "real life" case study of the Kardashians, the missives walk workers through how changes in household, income, and custody might impact how the eligibility determination is implemented and whether and who is eligible for Medicaid. The state is using this tool to help get their line staff acclimated to new concepts and rules before the in-depth trainings get underway. Susan Wright in Louisiana has kindly shared these so other states can use them or be inspired to create their own serials. We will be posting these weekly so you can keep current with all the twists and turns in the MAGI saga. Enjoy!

Just another MAGI Monday . . .

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