Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dribbling the ObamaTax

Back in the day, Ms Shecantbeserious had Matlock to Hawk the train-wreck. Fast forward a bit, and she's Cavalierly bringing the Heat in her efforts to work her Wizardly Magic on that Nugget:

"The Obama administration has reportedly tried to enlist the NBA in helping it sell Obamacare"

Whatever works to sell this Maverick idea to the masses, right, Kathy?

But lets give her the benefit of the doubt and presume that this new gimmick will work (hey, it could happen!). Good thing that the Exchanges new Marketplaces will be on their game for the roll-out.

Wait, what?

"Government officials have missed several deadlines in setting up new health-insurance exchanges for small businesses and consumers ... and there is a risk they won't be ready to open on time in October"


Looks like those darned Canucks are throwing us under the bus.
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