Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The President and The ObamaTax: Cluelessness abounds

Recently, the President had this to say about his signature legislation:

"A huge chunk of [the ObamaTax has] already been implemented."


Let's go to the videotape [ed: metaphorically, of course]:

■ Child-only insurance policies gone? Check.

PCIP crashed and burned? Check.

Birth control Convenience items mandated, adding to costs and infringing citizens' 1st Amendment rights? Check.

ObamaWaivers for unions, which are now bailing on the train wreck? Check. 

3000% rate decreases (not)? Check.

Medical device tax bankrupting companies and inhibiting breakthroughs? Check. 

Class act abandoned as unworkable and unsustainable? Check.

Awesome roll-out, dude.
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