Monday, April 01, 2013

The VA as SP

Although we may not like to think so, the Veterans Administration health care system is, in fact, a single-payor, nationalized program. That is, the government finances and staffs it, administers it and decides who gets what level of treatment.

So how does it stack up against what's left of our private health care system?

Not so great:

"[T]he office that handles complaints from federal whistle-blowers says it has found a pattern of problems at a Department of Veterans Affairs medical center in Jackson, Miss., that raises serious questions about the hospital’s management practices ... “Collectively, these disclosures raise questions about the ability of this facility to care for the veterans it services"

And keep in mind: this is The Gray Lady, hardly a bastion of right-wing opinion.

Aside from the shanda that this is how we care for those who served our country, another real question is raised about how the rest of us will fare under the single-payor system that is the true goal of The ObamaTax.
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