Thursday, March 07, 2013

Captain Obvious in da house

As Bob spent most of the morning pointing out (here and here), The ObamaTax does little but increase our costs; whether they're called premiums or taxes is of little consequence to our checkbooks.

A new study by the National Center for Policy Analysis finds that, contra-ObamaTax expectations, "Americans, who on average fill a dozen prescriptions a year, would benefit from free competition."

No kidding.

In some ways, this is the Fox Butterfield Effect hard at work:

"[T]he study argues that the many new regulations, often enacted in the name of protecting consumers, are having the opposite effect, placing barriers to efficiency"

That is - and this will be no surprise to regular IB readers - the regs are there specifically to create those barriers. Anyone who's been paying attention the past 3 years understands this: decreased efficiency leads to more regulations, and thus more government overreach.

But then, that's been the real game all along.
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