Monday, January 21, 2013

UHC Says Maybe Not

The Obamacare exchanges are (allegedly) less than a year away and one of the largest health insurance carrier in the country may not be ready to walk down the aisle and get hitched.

**UnitedHealth Group Inc. CEO Stephen Hemsley told analysts the insurer's involvement in online exchanges that are expected to help millions buy coverage will depend on whether it's financially viable for the company.

"We will only participate in exchanges that we assess to be fair, commercially sustainable and provide a reasonable return on the capital they will require," he said.**

Star Tribune

Well this should be fun.

Proponents of the overhaul say the exchanges will help restrain premium hikes because insurers will be competing against each other as customers compare several policies side by side to find the best match.

Obviously written by someone who has no clue and has only listened to sound bites from politicians.

This reminds me of the chant from the 60's:

"Suppose they gave a war and nobody came."
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