Wednesday, January 02, 2013

ObamaTax(es) for all!

Courtesy of Grace-Marie Turner (Galen Institute president and Forbes contributor):

■ "[T]he Medical Device Tax that hits entrepreneurial firms making equipment such as heart valves and hip replacement parts."

As regular readers already know, corporations don't pay taxes, their customers (that would be you) do.

■ "A new Medicare Tax ... a big hit especially for the self-employed."

That would also be job creators (who now won't be so inclined).

■ "The new Flexible Spending Account Tax limits the amount of money that workers can set aside tax-free for medical costs."

This is a double-whammy (at least): just as the ObamaTax itself has increased the cost of health care, ways to mitigate the damage are drying up.

There's more at the link - but only for those with strong stomachs (and/or access to adult beverages).
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