Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The AMA, Medicare and PR

The "PR" in this case being Paul Ryan. We've been pretty rough on the AMA (whose membership, IB readers may recall, "represents only 17% of the doctors in the U.S."). But fair's fair, and one of that organization's committees has come out with a plan that looks just like...well, let's FoIB Avik Roy set the stage:

"[T]his past weekend, the AMA’s key policy committee, the Council on Medical Service, voted to endorse a Medicare reform plan that shares key traits with the ones put forth by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan."

As Avik points out, the AMA-endorsed plan is heavy on choice and the defined-contribution model, just like Ryan's. And there's more, but you'll need to see Avik's post for that.
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