Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grocery Insurance? [UPDATED]

One of my very favorite IB posts was actually an extended comment by Mike (writing under a pseudonym). Unfortunately, it's been lost in the mists of the intertubes [ed: see update below], here's a taste:

"[Mike] proposed a "national, single-grocer plan ... many people go hungry because wholesome groceries cost too much."

It appears that at least some Home Office Critters are fans of Mike's work, because we received this announcement via our friend Holly R:

"As one of the country’s largest health-insurance companies, Humana regularly has a say in where its members seek care. Now it wants sway over what groceries they buy. Humana announced a new partnership with Wal-Mart on Wednesday that will give the more than 1 million members of its wellness program, HumanaVitality, a 5 percent discount on healthy groceries."

On the one hand, this carrot-vs-stick approach is attractive, and it is voluntary. But does anyone else find it creepy that one's insurer is micro-managing our diet?

UPDATE: Thanks to Mike for providing us his original Single-Grocer proposal (available here).
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