Sunday, August 12, 2012

NAIC backs of self funding?

Unlikely but they have decided to slow down and regroup at least. As reported by SIIA the ERISA working group has tabled the proposed increase to minimum self funding risk.

 "The Committee made it clear that they did not intend to overstep their charge and did not intend to turn stop loss into health insurance. They also said they do not want to hinder employers from self-funding or from having self-funding options. The proposed change is primarily in response to medical inflation and changes in plan designs since 1995. However, as several people pointed out, this assumes that the original standard of $20,000 was appropriate and made sense, which is probably dubious given that the vast majority of states have yet to adopt the Model Act."

Did not want to hinder employers from self funding? Odd then that the proponents are campaining to do just that. Appears to be another case of politicians trying to slip something through without the public noticing and getting caught. NAIC has been trying for 20 years to kill self funding, despite what they claim in press releases this is not the end of their efforts. Just like national healthcare and other liberal agendas they will keep fighting to accomplish this goal either little by little or taking advantage of a crisis. 

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