Monday, August 13, 2012

Going critical

It's been a while since we've had a substantive post on Critical Illness insurance policies. Briefly, these are plans that pay a cash benefit directly to you should you suffer a covered condition (heart attack, stroke, cancer, that kind of thing). These pay in addition to any health and disability policies you may already own, and can be a real (financial) life saver.

They're available as stand-alone plans, or as riders to either life or health insurance policies. They pay a lump sum (typically multiples of $10,000), and are usually tax-free (yay!).

But why would you need such a thing?

Well, consider this:
■ 38% of American women, and 44% of men, develop cancer during their lifetimes
Every 40 seconds, *someone* in the US has a stroke
By the end of this decade, over 700,000 Americans will suffer end-stage kidney disease
[American Cancer Society and American Heart Association stats]

So, if this is something that piques your interest, speak with your insurance professional about the different options and costs.

[Hat Tip: United HealthOne]
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