Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MVNHS© circling...

Ah, the Much Vaunted National Health Service©:

"Thousands of over-75s 'are being denied statins by GPs' that could prevent heart attacks and strokes ... Researchers believe that GPs are reluctant to prescribe such medication for the elderly as they are worried about the possible side-effects." [emphasis added]

Researchers speculate? Who cares?! What do the doc's themselves offer by way of explanation? Well, it may soon become illegal for British physicians to refuse treatment to elderly folks, which is nice.

In theory.

The reality is a bit different, though:

"A map produced by The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, using the latest NHS data, shows that in some areas patients are twice as likely to be offered surgery."

This in response to claims that Brits with lung cancer face an uphill battle to receive treatment. In point of fact, MVNHS© results in this area are abysmal, revealing that "only a third of hospital trusts met its 80 per cent target of referrals ... The map shows big variations in two affluent areas of southern England."

But, but, but ... national health care schemes are the most fair, offering equal treatment to all. Yes, but some demographics are more equal than others, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Don't just take our word for it, though; here's an actual victim patient:

"I had no idea then that a patient had died from thirst. My fear of the place was born from my own bitter experiences ... Almost everyone I know locally has a story to tell about its services falling short ... After a four-hour wait, a female doctor looked at my weeping skin and said: ‘Dermatology is not an emergency at weekends.’

Luckily for Ms Kite, the "free" system isn't the only game in town. Those with dollars pounds to spare can opt for "a  private hospital where, for £100, a doctor diagnosed a nasty form of eczema and put me on steroids."

Meanwhile, "regular" folks can look forward to sharing the fate of Kane Gorny, a 22 year who had just successfully fought brain cancer. Unfortunately, he "needed drugs to regulate his hormone levels ... during a hospital stay nurses forgot to give him his medication" and he promptly became the late Kane Gorny.

Once again underscoring the truly insidious nature of nationalized health care (aka ObamaTax).
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