Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Even More MLR Fun

Got this from a forum used by insurance agents all over the country. It shows the insanity of the MLR debacle.
United Healthcare just informed me that I can look online and see what rebate amounts my group clients received. A group with 44 enrolled employees in 2011 and an annual premium of $132,211.45 for 2011 will receive a rebate of $124.97 representing .001%. What a mess.
Humana didn't list the rebate amounts for my clients, but I just received an e-mail from a client who has 5 enrolled employees on one of Humana's lowest cost plans ($5,000 deductible 70% plan), and they received a $1018 rebate. 
Thank you HHS for this wonderful gift.

As we now know, if you own a business you didn't build it by yourself. You had help from the government.

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