Tuesday, August 30, 2011

States Beat Fed's

In a race to see who can enroll the most sick people in taxpayer subsidized health insurance plans the states win handily.
the Government Accountability Office found, the 27 states that operate their own pools had enrolled 15,781 people with pre-existing conditions. The federally-operated pool for the 23 other states and the District of Columbia, by contrast, only had 5,673 enrollees.
Wonder how many of our dollars have been spent promoting Obamapool?
The report found that enrollment figures ranged from 0 in Vermont and 1 in Massachusetts (both operated by the Department of Health and Human Services) to 3,191 in the state-run Pennsylvania pool.
In fairness, VT and MA are guaranteed issue states (no underwriting) so the only real appeal for these plans is the taxpayer subsidy.
In its response to the report, HHS said it has improved its enrollment efforts since the program first started in June 2010. The department points to increased outreach efforts, lower premiums and expanded eligibility, as well as its decision to pay agents and brokers for getting people enrolled starting this fall.
I doubt there will be much agent involvement. This agent is opting out.

Agents that want to participate in the program must be willing to bend over and submit to the following.

Broker understands and agrees that GEHA may, and is hereby authorized by Broker to, check the NIPR, IRS and any other websites maintained by applicable agencies or entities for information relevant to Broker. Broker also understands that GEHA may take action with respect to Broker that is based on such information, and will act in what GEHA believes is in the best interest of the PCIP Program.

To accept these terms and conditions, click on the "I Agree" button below to complete registration.
Thanks, but no . . .
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