Monday, August 29, 2011

MVNHS©: Let's play "Leapfrog!"

As we noted almost 3 years ago, the MVNHS© has (at least) one dirty secret: private health insurance to help pay the bills that their "free insurance" doesn't cover.

And while we're seeking to emulate the British healthcare scheme, they're looking to dump it:

"Private patients will increasingly be able to "leapfrog" those on the NHS due to changes proposed in the Government's health reforms ... Even 14 of the elite group of foundation trusts ended the last financial year in deficit, a grim warning for the future of NHS finances" [ed: "trust" is MVNHS©-speak for "hospital"]

Wait, what?!

There's "grim news" about the British system's finances? But I thought that they're saving money hand-over-fist, all the while delivering healthcare far superior to us? And what's this about "private patients?" Haven't we been told that a nationalized scheme was so much more fair than our current system, since it deletes that very distinction?

It's almost as if we've been lied to all along.
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