Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MassCare© meets ObamaCare©: Travesty Ensues

It's generally accepted, "conventional" wisdom that RomneyCare© begat ObamaCare© (hence Bob's newest buzzword, ObamneyCare). Along with the (Evil) Individual Mandate, RomneyCare introduced other problems, many of which have (until now) flown under the radar.

Remember back during the original ObamaCare© "debate," when we first learned about the "Cornhustler" deal? Nebraska was vying for the very first ObamaWaiver©, wherein it would be exempted from onerous new Medicaid financing requirements. Well, that particular effort failed to pay off for the Cornhusker State, but over on the east coast, there's a new storm a-brewin':

"Sen. John Kerry inserted a provision into Obamacare that changed Medicare reimbursements for hospital pay ... The Globe reported that Massachusetts hospitals will rake in an extra $275 million a year from the change."

Or, more accurately: hospitals in most of the the other 57 states are on track to be screwed out of almost $300 million. Per year. How many indigents would this pay for? How many new doc's or nurses? How many MRI's?

This pretty much sums it up:

"It is a massive wealth transfer from the rest of the country to those seven states."

Pretty tasty ketchup, Sen Kerry.
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