Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brave New Medical World

My wife and I enjoy relatively good health in spite of the fact we are part of the leading edge of baby boomers.

Rachel is a health and exercise nut. Working out at the gym 4 days a week. Popping vitamins and supplements like they were M&M's. Eating a Euell Gibbons diet of rocks and twigs washed down with Kefir.

On the other hand, I eat what I want and get my exercise by jumping to conclusions.

My wife takes one medication for dry eye, I don't take any.

We almost never see the doctor.

Lately both of us have had medical visits that are letting me know that Big Brother in Washington is watching our every move.

Two weeks ago at the dentist my hygienist asked more than the usual number of questions about my brushing and flossing routine. Each time I answered she input the data in a new laptop rather than writing it down in my chart.

When it comes to flossing, I am a bit lax and she knows it.

"How many times per week do you floss"?

The usual, was my response.

"So, is that 14x per week, 7x, or what"?

Just put PRN.

"So would 3x per week be about right"?

Does Washington really care how often I floss?

She rolled her eyes and said, we have to do this as part of EMR.

Earlier today I took Rachel to an urgent care facility. Appears it is nothing major, just some testing and an Rx for what appears to be a UTI.

Checking in, the lady at the desk ask several questions in addition to requiring a picture ID and her health insurance card.

Both were scanned and returned.

Then she was told to sign using an electronic pad to indicate the information she provided was accurate and she was agreeing to her HIPAA privacy rights.

They don't know who they are dealing with. She doesn't sign anything until she has read it.

"We can't provide you with a paper record due to federal privacy laws. You have to sign if you want us to see you".

Say what?

You want me to sign a release but you can't provide me with a copy of what I am signing?

This is nuts.

Is this really the world under Obamneycrap?

Yes, unfortunately it is.
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