Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saving Medicare

Obama and the folks in Congress have figured out how to save tax dollars and fix Medicare at the same time. Just like those rides at the theme park that declare "you must be this tall to ride", if Congress gets' their way the same thing will apply to Medicare.

"You must be this old to ride".

The Columbia Tribune cites a Kaiser Foundation report on Medicare that reads like a Frankenstein novel.

The report from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation shows that federal taxpayers would save billions if the Medicare eligibility age, currently 65, is increased by two years.

However, this does have a few drawbacks.

But people ages 65 and 66, employers — along with states, Medicare recipients and even some younger families — would see ripple effects that add to their costs.

They must have taken a cue from my wife.

If she can get me to buy her some new shoes then she has money left over to buy the purse.

To save money, anything not paid for by the federal government is paid for by the individual.

And who says these folks aren't bright?
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