Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Midweek Link-Fest

For your edification and edutainment pleasure:

First up, it's the one year ObamaVersary©, and the Pioneer Institute hosted a debate on the financial impact of this train-wreck. Courtesy of Josh Archambault, the Institute's Director of Health Care Policy, here's the highlight reel:

2011 Hewitt Health Care Lecture from Mike Dean on Vimeo.

The full debate's available here.

Next, Jane Sanders has put together a pretty alarming graphic about the specific costs of obesity. Here's an excerpt:

Get the rest of the big picture here.

And finally, FoIB Jeff M reports that public employee benefits-cut fever has arrived in North Carolina, where state workers "would pay more for health insurance but get fewer benefits" under a new budget proposal. On the one hand, the proposed changes "scrap a provision that pushed cigarette smokers and those who were very obese into less-generous coverage until they quit puffing or lost weight" (see item above).

On the other hand, the proposal would impose onerous new contribution requirements on said employees, forcing "all active state employees and those retirees in a more-generous plan to pay monthly premiums of between $11 and $22 a month." [emphasis added]

Oh, the humanity!
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