Sunday, November 28, 2010

MVNHS©: A Most Deadly Game

Our Cousins Across the Pond©, whose "health care" scheme we're attempting to emulate, have a little problem:

"Nineteen hospital trusts are today exposed as having alarmingly high death rates in a major report that also reveals how hundreds of people are dying needlessly because of substandard NHS care."

Okay, so not so "little," after all. A new report, compiled by the British Department of "Health," and Dr Foster Intelligence ("a public-private partnership ... that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of health and social care through better use of information") casts an unflinching eye on the debacle that passes for health care in the UK, finding that tens of thousands of innocent Brits "developed avoidable blood clots, suffered from obstetric tears during childbirth, had objects left inside them after operations or were not given immediate treatment after a stroke."

Still not convinced? Then click here for the gory details.

Told ya so.
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