Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Include Me Out...

As we've previously averred, the so-called "Individual mandate" is evil. That is, it flies in the face of well over 200 years of settled Constitutional law, and has no place in any discussion of health care "reform."

And, apparently, the legislatures of (at least) two states agree with us:

"Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe (R, Slidell) is introducing a bill for the 2010 legislative session in Baton Rouge that would make Obamacare illegal if it violates state laws, effectively making Obamacare null and void in the Pelican State."

He contends that the law would, in effect, render any such mandate as null and void.

Dead on arrival, if you prefer.

Meanwhile, " the Virginia Senate today passed a Republican measure that says Virginians don't have to buy health insurance."

What's notable here is that, although the bill is touted as a Republican effort, the Old Dominion's state senate is under the (nominal) control of the Democrats. The point is, this is an almost-textbook example of bipartisanship, something that's been sorely lacking in the national "debate" on the issue.

It will be interesting to see how the Supreme Court resolves this obvious conflict between the current administration and the 10th Amendment.
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