Monday, January 25, 2010

Zombies in CA

Golden State politicos have turned a deaf ear to their Bay State cousins, who last week roundly rejected ObamaCare by sending Scott Brown to DC. The folks in Sacramento think that a state-run health care system is the way to go, proving that, like the undead, the concept of gummint-run health care is difficult to put down:

"A key legislative committee in California revived a bill Thursday to create a government-run health care system in the nation's most populous state ... Creating a single-payer system would cost California an estimated $210 billion in its first year."

Surprisingly, though, I rather like this idea. As we've previously noted, experimenting at the state level makes a lot of sense: in a worst-case scenario, only one state's citizens are put at risk, rather than the whole country. On the other hand. if any part of it is successful (it could happen!), there may be ways to translate that to other states. At the very least, we can learn from one state's mistakes, or successes.

Of course, at a time when California's budget is deep in the red, it may be difficult to push this through. It's not clear whether, given the rejection of ObamaCare by an overwhelming majority of American's, this will pass the state's Senate. Stay tuned.
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