Friday, October 24, 2008

Now For Some Good News

Not totally good.

A mixed bag actually, but not something you will see on the 6 o'clock news either.

Carriers are continuously raked over the coals for things they do wrong, or at least are perceived to be wrong. We have certainly waded in on some of those situations as well.

Comes now a story from a fellow agent about one of his clients. And no, I cannot provide links to validate because as indicated, this is not (in some eyes at least) newsworthy.

Paul lives in Tampa and recently picked up a client who had no prior coverage. She had gone "naked" for a year but bought a policy with him.

In most case, carriers impose pre-ex limitations when you purchase individual major medical and have not had coverage in the prior 63 days.

That was part of their offer here as well.

Shortly after the policy was issued she had a GYN exam where early stage cervical cancer was discovered.

The bad news is, she has cancer.

The good news is, the carrier will pay the claim.

The contractual thing for the carrier to do would be to deny the claim. Perhaps some carriers would even go so far as to rescind coverage.

Instead, this carrier has informed the agent and his client they will honor the claim.

That is a stand up thing for a carrier to do.

Hat's off to United Healthcare for stepping up to the plate.

So where are all the news camera's?

Thanks to Paul Manchester in Tampa for this bit of news.
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