Monday, October 27, 2008

If Wishes Were Money...

I routinely look through our logs to get an idea of where traffic's coming from, which stories seem to be getting the most "play," and because, well, it's interesting to see what kinds of folks stop by here (don't worry, I can't tell who you are, just what kinds of things folks in general seem to find most interesting).
Kind of like a fantasy football league, but with fake "stock" based on industry. The insurance category boasts an even dozen "players," including our friends Joe Paduda and Julie Ferguson, even the RiskProf himself.
I was quite surprised to see our stock valued north of $80,000 a share (by comparison, the next highest was just over $54,000; the bulk hovered around a thousand or so). I have no idea why our stock is so high - not that I'm complaining! - and of course it's one thing to see this at "B$," and quite another to try to buy a cup of coffee with it. Regular readers know that we accept no advertising here, so it's truly a labor of love.
But if I could cash out at $80 grand a pop...
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