Thursday, July 10, 2008

Resource Update

From time to time, we become aware of new sites that may be of value to our readers. Sometimes we stumble across them looking for something else; often we get emails touting this "great new site." Unfortunately, most of the latter variety are more advertising than advice, but there are sometimes pearls to be found, as well:
"I am 34 year old who was rendered T4 paraplegic 5 years ago. I have started a niche health directory called HealthDirectoryMoz because I am passionate about "QUALITY and USEFUL" health related websites.
Through this niche directory, I intend to create lasting value to patients, students & medical professionals and sincerely believe that we can have a mutually beneficial association by being in a link relationship."
Patient-blogging is a valid and valued subset of the medblog community, and this site ramps that up even further, offering relevant, up-to-date information, and accredited by the Geneva (Switzerland)-based HonCode organization.
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Amy at DiabetesMine reports that there's a new prescription drug program for folks without prescription coverage (and who aren't eligible for MediCare). TogetherRxAccess is actually a service of nasty ol' Big Pharma, which continues to confound its most ardent critics.
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