Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Get Your Motor Runnin'

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Head out on the highway.

Looking for adventure.

And whatever comes our way.

Hey, this is a free country, right? Anyone should be able to do whatever they want, any time they want, with impunity.

It seems the A.M.A. wants to lobby congress to end the "discrimination" against those who want to ride motorcycles in high risk ventures.

No, not THAT A.M.A..

The American Motorcycle Association.

"No one should be denied health coverage for no reason other than they enjoy snowmobiles, motorcycles or other recreational activities,"

There is a reason why ER personnel call them donorcycles.

Apparently the A.M.A. is not the only organization calling for a ban on discriminating against motorcycle riders. Seems they have company.

Other organizations supporting this legislation include: American Council of Snowmobile Association; American Horse Council; American Recreation Coalition; American Trails; Americans for Responsible Recreational Access; Blue Ribbon Coalition; International Mountain Bicycling Association; Motorcycle Industry Council; Motorcycle Riders Foundation; National Ski Areas Association; Specialty Vehicle Industry Council; Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association; and the Washington Road Riders Association.

The American Recreation Coalition? Who knew?

My question is, what other recreational activities will be next?

Like a true nature's child

We were born, born to be wild

We can climb so high

I never wanna die
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