Wednesday, August 15, 2007


WARNING: What follows is a mini-rant only tangentially involving insurance.
I think the Darwin Awards are a hoot: these are little newsbits about the various and imaginative ways foolish people have used to remove themselves from the gene pool. I also think mandatory helmet laws are bad: I think morons that choose to ride without helmets should be free from government-mandated encumbrances.
But I also think that those who do choose to ride without a helmet should be willing to take the personal responsibility that comes with that choice. I would support a law which said that such folks are entilted to no special lifesaving services (up to and including CareFlight) if and/or when they become one with the undercarriage of a Mac truck or Chevy Malibu.
Alternately, I would support a law which states that folks who ride helmetless have explicitly empowered the state to harvest their (usable) organs immediately, with no medical care due other than keeping such folks alive long enough to get those organs safely to the nearest hospital.
Okay, I'm done; thanks for listening.
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