Thursday, August 09, 2007

Disconnect: AMA & Integrity

You'll get no argument from me, of course.
So why, then, are these same health care providers knocking on the burgeoning retail-based clinic model? You know the ones: they're found in Sam's Club & Costco, and in your neighborhood pharmacy. They're convenient and affordable; in fact, since most take no insurance, a lot of expensive overhead goes away altogether. Perhaps best of all, they're models of transparency: prices are prominently displayed, and everyone pays the same.
What's not to love?
Well, that's another post; but the point is, institutions that purport to embrace transparency and accountability (and yes, AMA, I'm talkin' to you), shouldn't then be advocating for "prohibitions against advertising that compares the fees of convenient care clinics with those of physicians."
That's just wrong.
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